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I love butterfly tattoos. Becoming more and more popular each month.

Here is a video of some great new butterfly tattoo designs.

Sexy Butterfly Tattoo Designs – Always Popular and Trendy

Author: Dave Bates

Butterfly tattoos enjoy a massive popularity

One of the most wanted tattoo designs is the butterfly tattoo. It speaks to people who want to mark a significant change in their lives. It’s not surprising since a butterfly tattoo usually stands for a new beginning or a fresh start.

What butterflies mean to other cultures

Over the years, butterflies have had a great historical significance for people. The Greeks believe that a human soul is born every time a butterfly comes out from its cocoon. The Irish, on the other hand, believe that butterflies stand for the dead souls waiting to meet their maker. The Japanese say that one butterfly represents a young woman while two butterflies symbolize marital bliss. Many of the extraordinary kimonos worn by geishas have butterflies on them. The Native American tribes also have strong beliefs about butterflies. The Blackfoot tribe believes that butterflies bring dreams, while the Zuni tribe thinks that a white butterfly predicts the beginning of summer.

Recommended areas for a butterfly tattoo

Women tend to choose butterfly designs because they can be placed on every part of the body. If you want people to see your tattoo then a visible place, like arm, upper back or ankle will be best.

A small butterfly tattoo would be great if you don’t want your tattoo to be big or manly. A recommended body part is the foot or the arm. A small tattoo can also fit well on the shoulder, ankle and even on the ribs.

Lower back tattoos are the most common for women. This is one of the most sexual and sensual areas on a woman, making it the ideal spot for a large tattoo. Tribal designs and butterflies are the most popular, although flowers, dragonflies, and other symbols make great tattoos as well. The lower back offers plenty of natural curves, and a big tattoo can fit really well in that area. If you want to feel sexy and attractive then a lower back tattoo is just what you’ve been looking for.

Lots of species – endless designs

Lots of people can relate to the butterfly tattoo and what it represents. It is no wonder, because so many people have probably gone through a difficult time in their lives and can relate to the beauty of the metamorphosis into a more beautiful life.

There are big bold butterflies, Japanese butterfly tattoos, Celtic butterfly tattoos and small delicate butterfly tattoos. The designs can be either very real or amorphous. They can be colorful, they can be black. They can come in a shape like a star, flower or fairy, and there are abstract tribal tattoos or very detailed butterflies tattoos.

Uniqueness – I want to stand out

You can express yourself however you like and create your own look, and that’s the best thing about tattoos. It can be little or huge, colorful or black.

When you’re choosing a tattoo, think about what it represents, what statement you are making, or what it is saying about you. A butterfly tattoo is best to describe a major progress or change someone has gone through.

Imagine how good you would feel after getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted. Everyone you know will be so surprised and you’ll feel amazingly good about yourself.

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There is an enormous amount of butterfly species in the world and they come in so many shapes and colors. The big selection of species gives you a lot of unique designs to choose from. There is no argument about the uniqueness and absolute beauty of the butterfly. You can express yourself however you like and create your own look, and that’s the best thing about butterfly tattoo designs.

Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos

Lower back butterfly tattoos are very popular among the tattoo world. If there is any one kind of tattoo that is most sought by women, It is this kind. There is a lot of people who are not into tattoos but have put butterfly designs on their lower backs just to join the fad. Tattoo enthusiasts and foreign communities that are into this kind of art belief that the butterfly tattoo is more than a fad and it symbolizes something. These kind of design has become classic especially in the pop culture. Women love this design for different reasons. They may just design one on their skin because they admire it in other women or because it symbolizes something.

Many artists, actress and actors have this kind of designs and there are many people who are interested in getting a butterfly designed on their skin just to be like their idols. This is not the only reason, there are those individuals who want to have it because of the peer pressure or loved ones. Another major reason why people get this kind of design is because they want to portray a certain image or they want to symbolize something specific that relates to their life.

There are many different variations of butterfly designs that can be tattooed on a skin. This means that even though butterfly tattoos are very popular, you can still get a unique design for yourself that is rare and stands out above the rest. There are tattoo artists who have taken the next step into transforming a simple butterfly design into an elaborate art work. Using different colors can alone make one of these designs unique and a standout.

If you are searching for a unique design of a butterfly for your skin then one of the best places to find one is online. There are hundreds if not thousands of sites online that can allow you to choose from thousands of designs. All you will have to do is to choose a design that you like the most, print it out and take it to your local tattoo parlor. To understand more about this topic, visit lower butterfly tattoos []

Sometimes you need help to choose a unique design for your lower back. There are many places online where you can find a design that you like. Before you get a butterfly artwork done on your skin, Don’t forget to visit [] to learn more specific things about these designs. Getting any of this artwork done on your skin should be a major decision. You need to make sure that you really want one designed on your skin and then you can look for a unique cool design for yourself.

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Selecting Your Dream Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are very common these days, with nearly 1 in 4 people having at least one. Tattoos represent an art form, and allow people to broadcast who they are. Even though butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular designs of all tattoos, many people will end up regretting them. In most cases, those who regret tattoos didn’t think about their design or take the time to choose the best tattoo for them. Even though it is possible to get a tattoo removed, the process is expensive and quite painful. To prevent this from happening with you new butterfly tattoo, you should always take some time and find the perfect butterfly tattoo – your dream design. There are excellent sources of thousands of butterfly tattoo designs online. Here is one of my favorites.

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Instead of trying to save some money, you should never choose a studio or artist based on how cheap they are. Cheaper artists and studios normally lack in work quality, which is why they are able to charge cheaper prices. Instead, you should look for the best studio and artist that you can find close to your area. Even though it may be expensive – the quality and design will be well worth it.

Sometimes, it can be hard picking out your dream design. If you have an idea in mind but are still not sure what you want, you can always research. You can get tattoo books, theme books, magazines, or just research online. By looking at designs you may find something similar to what you are interested in. Once you have found it, all you need to do is sit down with your tattoo artists and come up with your dream tattoo design.

If you have a basic idea for something small in mind, you can always have it tattooed then come back later and have more added on. The best thing about tattoos is the fact that they can always be added to later. This can be a great thing if you want to try a smaller tattoo first, and then decide whether or not you want to get it bigger. If you start with a fraction of your dream design, you can always finish it up later on.

Whenever you get your dream tattoo you should always take time selecting the design. Tattoos will stay with you forever, which is why you should pick them carefully. If you put the necessary time and thought into it now, you won’t regret it later. Your dream design should be very important, and hold meaning. This way, every time you look at it – you’ll be reminded of that special moment in time and you’ll never forget about it.

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Selecting the Right Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are extremely personal and become a part of that sexy body of yours, and make a statement about who you are, that words simply can not do. However, once you have been inked you are connected to your tattoo like no other commitment you have ever made in your live. Let’s face it; most commitments can be ended with little effort compared to having a bad tattoo removed. You can dump that boyfriend or girlfriend you do not like or divorce that husband or wife that no longer makes you happy, but your tattoo is here to stay.

That is why I want to tell you about the best butterfly tattoos design site I have ever seen. You can search through the thousands of great tattoo designs and find that perfect butterfly tattoo you have been looking for.

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You are aided with your search by one of the largest databases, and full video galleries, anywhere on the Internet. Imagine thousands of tattoo designs at your fingertips. Find that perfect tattoo today and when you are ready to print it or download and give it your tattoo artist to consummate your commitment.

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The Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs


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